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HKAHF was established in 1999 with the aim of providing timely medical treatment to the sick and underprivileged in Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia.
HKAHF’s Charity Outreach Programmes were set up to support financially disadvantaged patients from around the region. Its main mission is to assist and support those whose quality of life could be dramatically improved by medical treatment, yet lack the financial capacity to consider seeking proper and urgent help.

Through the Outreach programmes, HKAHF have been able to contribute to the society by helping to restore joy and happiness to families that have been plagued by ongoing suffering and uncertainty.

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Hong Kong Tatler is the essential guide to the very best in life, covering the most glamorous and influential people, best events, international fashion and luxury living. The magazine is supported by its award-winning online portal – the one-stop lifestyle platform with daily updates on everything luxury.

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Friends of Asia is a non-profit organization seeking to provide resources, care, and opportunity to those in need, with programming centered around sports, health and recreation. This is accomplished by promoting awareness for these needs as well as raising money to alleviate them. Together with the efforts of generous donors and volunteers, as well as proceeds from strategic fundraising events, we seek to establish crucial health/physical education and recreational programming that brings smiles, joy and well-being to those less fortunate in our community.


Friends of Asia Women of Hope Award 2017


Transforming the Lives of Children and Youth through Sports


The Friends of Asia Women of Hope Award recognizes women who inspire children and youth to dream, persevere, and excel through achievements in sports.


A recent Chinese University study gave Hong Kong teens and children a “D” for their overall physical activity levels. The poor grade is mainly attributed to an overly rigorous education system that assigns too much work to children and limits the amount of time they have for exercise and play. Excessive Internet usage and the prevalence of smartphones also contribute to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle for kids. Meanwhile, many parents fail to realize the benefits of sports for the development of character and important life skills, such as self-confidence, teamwork, perseverance, and a positive mindset.


As one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding female athletes, golfer Tiffany Chan represented Hong Kong in the 2016 Rio Olympics, catapulting the sport of golf into the spotlight within the city. She was one of the only three amateurs to qualify among the 120 men and women who took part in the Olympics, and her impressive run also includes victories in 2 professional events – the Future Open in Taiwan 2016 and the Hong Kong Ladies Open 2016. She is currently a senior at the University of Southern California.


Growing up in Tuen Mun, Tiffany started playing golf at the age of six at the Tuen Mun Golf Centre, a government-run public driving range. She later joined the Hong Kong Golf Association’s junior development program and quickly became one of their best players. As an amateur who lacks status on any of the major women’s tours, the former Diocesan Girls’ School student was only able to accrue Olympic ranking points from professional events she was invited to. In spite of this, her dedication, hard work, and determination propelled her towards success, allowing her to qualify for the Rio Olympics.


Tiffany’s modest background and her journey to Rio has helped break down misperceptions about golf in Hong Kong, where many people still see the sport as one reserved for the city’s elite and played only at exclusive clubs. What’s more, her exceptionally supportive parents have also overturned stereotypes of pushy local parents who prefer that their children focus on academics rather than sports. Tiffany is extremely grateful to her parents for allowing her to follow her dream and for supporting her throughout her golf journey.


Tiffany is a strong advocate of golf for kids and hopes to see more children in Hong Kong take up the sport. From her personal experience, she believes that golf not only offers the element of physical fitness, but also develops one’s self-confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, etiquette, and sportsmanship. In an effort to give back to the community, Tiffany has participated in various golf outreach programs including becoming an Athlete Supporter for Golf Inspires!, a program organized by InspiringHK Sports Foundation that offers two years of free golf instruction to underprivileged children and youth. She has also played in charity golf tournaments, led golf clinics, and often shares golf and training experience with local school children. Tiffany hopes that she can inspire the next generation of Hong Kong juniors to follow in her footsteps, learning how to incorporate sports into everyday life and ultimately driving positive change and improving social mobility in Hong Kong and beyond.





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