Karola Horvath Szovati and Shirin Staerkle - Women of Hope Awards
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Karola Horvath Szovati and Shirin Staerkle

2017 Nominee | Champion for a Better Life

Karola Horvath Szovati and Shirin Staerkle

Shirin Staerkle, an Italian-Iranian, and Karola H. Szovati, a Hungarian, have lived in Hong Kong for many years. Former bankers at UBS and the World Bank, Shirin and Karola have used their prior professional experience to do good.


As moms attending many birthday parties with their children, they witnessed the waste and excess that is typical of many of these celebrations and felt a strong need to teach children to share and give back to the community. They decided to do this by finding a simple way to make all celebrations more meaningful.


Their idea, twopresents.com, is an innovative invitation and fundraising platform that allows its users to raise funds for their favorite charity while saving for a meaningful gift. Having won several awards from the Yeh Family Philanthropy Fund, DBS, and the Hong Kong Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, the platform now supports close to 40 charities and has raised millions of dollars for great causes.


Karola and Shirin’s mission is to change the way people celebrate while reducing waste and educating the next generation to become more socially and environmentally aware. They are proud to see the Twopresents movement of 10,000 plus users growing in the Hong Kong community.


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2017 Nominees, Champion for a Better Life

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